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COOLEX 33% & 50%

Antifreeze and coolants role in maintaining maximum engine performance is extremely important and is often neglected. A significant number of engine failures are related to coolant system malfunctions. Use of the correct dilution for the climate your car operates in is key to ensure total protection.

PETROCAM COOLEX is pre-mixed, ready to use environment friendly radiator coolant for use in cooling systems of all water-cooled gasoline and diesel engines. It is certified to exceed the performance requirements of most modern engines.

PETROCAM COOLEX is a mono ethylene glycol based coolant that provides long term engine protection against overheating and corrosion. Excellent hot weather protection - helps prevent the risk of the engine coolant boiling, leading to coolant loss and possible engine damage and subsequent failure. Excellent cold weather protection - reduces the real risk of coolant freezing solid in the engine coolant system and severely damaging engines and/or radiators.

PETROCAM COOLEX contains anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives for complete corrosion prevention of the cooling system. It prevents accumulation of deposits inside the radiator and protects the wet liner from cavitation erosion.

It is recommended for use in all modern high performance water cooled engines wherever the mono ethylene glycol is recommended. It is harmless to rubber and does not foam or clog radiators. Offers exceptional protection to metals like aluminium, iron, steel, copper and other alloys.

Ensure complete flushing and cleanliness of the cooling system when changing coolant. Not compatible with other coolant formulations.


MERCEDES BENZ SHEET 325.0; GM/OPEL B040 0240; QL 130 100; SAAB 6901 59; MAN 324; BMW N 600 69.0; MTU MTL 5048; VW 774 C; SABS 1251


• Extended life: Provides 5 years or 240,000 km service, whichever comes         first
• Provides optimum protection against corrosion of all metals in vehicle
  cooling systems
• Compatible with hoses and rubber fittings
• Expands operating temperature range of cooling systems
• Eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives (SCA) in
  diesel engines
• Reduces the incidence of nucleate or hot spot boiling
• Performance of organic additive based inhibitors does not diminish
  with time

Follow owner’s manual for change period recommendation.

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