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PETROCAM ULTRA Lithium Complex Grease EP3 is a true multipurpose grease, formulated for lubrication of roller-bearings, wheel bearings, universal joints, chassis, and various shock loaded or vibrating applications in transport, agriculture and off-road vehicles.

PETROCAM ULTRA Lithium Complex Grease EP3 is manufactured from high viscosity index base oil & lithium complex thickener. This grease is fortified with Extreme Pressure additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors especially developed for bearing operating under high temperature and severe shock loads.

PETROCAM ULTRA Lithium Complex Grease EP3 has been developed to deliver best value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency  It is a low-noise, high-temperature and heavy-load grease for extreme-temperature and contaminated conditions.

Is suitable for low and high temperature applications which help to overcome problems related to excessive vibrations. It provides protection against corrosion & water wash out in wet conditions. It is suitable for applications where extended lubrication intervals are recommended.

Suitable as general-purpose grease for industrial applications requiring a NLGI 3 grade Extreme Pressure grease, resistant to elevated temperatures.




• Excellent all-round operating performance.
• Enhanced extreme pressure properties

• Reduced wear under heavy or shock loading
• Resistance to water washout for equipment protection
• Protection against rust and corrosion
• Long service life


Prolonged and repeated contact with oil may cause skin disorders. Avoid contact. Wash immediately with soap and water. Do not discharge used oil into drains or the environment. Dispose to an authorised oil collection point.


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