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Petrocam Lubricants primary focus is the manufacturing, marketing and shipping of specialty lubricants, hydraulic brake fluids and automotive radiator coolants to Central and Southern African countries.


Petrocam Lubricants has one of the best and most comprehensive research centres, implementing ASTM and other reputed international standards to carry tests on both ingoing and outgoing products; from base oils, to lubricating oil additives, to lubricants.

In 2015 a State of the Art lube oil blending plant implementing the latest technologies and enjoying international standards was inaugurated and the R&D Centre was incorporated under ISO 17025 Laboratory Competence Accreditation Process. Our manufacturing plant is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility with more than forty sophisticated laboratory instruments and highly motivated and specialised personnel.

Laboratory samples are continuously inspected and rigorously tested to ensure consistent superior performance and long term reliability, Tests include cold crank simulations, X-ray fluorescence testing, oil flow, viscosity metering, inductive tests and microscopy analysis to check for traces, abrasion, adhesion, corrosion, pitting and cavitation.

Evolutions in our refining processes together with the best recipes and innovative technologies from France guarantee unbeatable quality and unique advantages for all types of engines in very demanding operating conditions and environments.

We are constantly looking for opportunities and technologies to optimise our efficiency and performance and to reduce wear and tear, prolong use, lower emissions and aid fuel economy of your engine.

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