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Just like your body needs hydration, your vehicle needs the right fluids to stay “healthy.” Over time, your vehicle's essential fluids, including transmission, brake, and power-steering fluids, lose their ability to clean, cool, lubricate, and flow freely, potentially leading to problems such as transmission overheating and/or failure. Maintaining the fluid levels in your car is of the utmost importance to reduce your risk of unpleasant automotive surprises down the road.

Cars are becoming more sophisticated everyday. And fluids are becoming more and more specialised. Petrocam lubricants has a specialised range of fluids that work together to keep your car running and working in tiptop shape. Petrocam fluids are produced from premium petroleum extracts, engineered compounds and additives to protect against wear, corrosion, residue and overheating. They are scientifically formulated to improve vehicle performance and safety and the sustained health of your vehicle.

Complex chemical engineering and cutting-edge technology combine to deliver smooth gear changes, fast braking and efficient cooling for increased overall performance, drive comfort and driving peace of mind.

These fluids need to be changed regularly in order to keep your vehicle and you moving safely for longer



A long life fluid for automatic transmissions for heavy duty vehicles, passenger cars and pickups.
Formulated with full synthetic base fluids and advanced additive technology to enhance fluid performance, wear protection and transmission durability



A long life fluid that facilitates the precise movement of the brake system’s various components.

Formulated  to provide

superior lubrication and protection against corrosion

for quick, reliable braking performance.



A mono ethylene glycol based coolant for use in cooling systems of all water-cooled gasoline and diesel engines.

Formulated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives for complete corrosion prevention of the cooling system in all modern high performance water cooled engines.​

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