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A semi synthectic motor oil designed for high mileage engines that require a lubricant with conventional oil characteristics and the benefits of synthetic technology to protect, extend engine life and boost performance.
PETROCAM ADVANCE is formulated to provide excellent oxidation stability to effectively reduce and prevent sludge build up and its low temperature flow properties enhance fuel economy and allow for extended oil drain intervals.
PETROCAM ADVANCE works immediately upon contact to your engine’s moving parts to create a protective shield against friction on start up to reduce metal to metal contact and extend engine life. A wide temperature range capability and high oil film strength provide effective lubricity during high temperature operation to deliver full power and performance.
Older engines are given a new lease of life and perform better due to improvements in lubrication technology. Whether you drive a vehicle with a naturally aspirated or a turbo charged engine with multi valve and variable cam technology, we have the perfect blend for your drive. Petrocam semi-synthetic oils are trusted to deliver more than just superior protection.
Blended for the motoring enthusiast!

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