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A multi-grade conventional mineral oil that is typically required as standard specification in older engine types, work machines andindustrial units.


PETROCAM HYBRITE is developed for gasoline, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbos; it is used in commercial vehicles making it the ideal motor oil for a mixed fleet of vehicles.
PETROCAM HYBRITE is formulated from the best virgin oil to effectively reduce and prevent sludge build up and help your engine to easily cope with severe driving conditions such as heavy, stop-start traffic and poor fuel quality.
The HYBRITE range is designed to help prevent fouling of vulnerable moving parts by reducing the damaging effects of engine wear from sludge deposits, rust, viscosity and thermal breakdown. It protects the engine between recommended oil drain intervals and is highly recommended for use in vehicles where economy and oil consumption is of concern.
Whether it’s a family hand me down which bears the brunt of daily essential trips to a vintage classic you passionately restoring to the glory of yesteryear, HYBRITE"S superior lubrication deliver optimum performance, aid economy and help extend your engine life.
Keep your passion for motoring alive!

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