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Petrocam HYBRITE SAE 40 is a highly refined premium mineral oil formulated with anti-wear technology and virgin base oils for older and high mileage conventional engines. HYBRITE insulates your engine from the damaging effects of wear, rust and corrosion for total engine protection.
Petrocam HYBRITE SAE 40  provides good oxidation stability for control of sludge formation. Excellent detergency levels help clean key engine components. Promotes easier cold starting. High viscosity prevents thermal breakdown and slows oil loss or burning. Delivers superior lubrication at high operating temperatures under the most severe driving conditions and in all seasons.       
Petrocam HYBRITE SAE 40 exceeds API service classifications and industry standards. Highly recommended for use in vehicles where fuel economy and oil consumption is of concern. Suitable for older gasoline, diesel and LPG engines of passenger car, light vans light trucks and farm equipment with or without turbo compressor. Safe for use with catalytic converters.
Not suited for engines equipped with a Diesel or Gasoline Particle Filter (GPF, DPF).



• High viscosity index for better fuel and oil consumption

• Good detergency properties for anti corrosion and sludge control

• Anti wear technology reduce engine vibration and noise

• Excellent antioxidant and anti-foaming properties for long drain intervals

• Exceeds API service classifications and industry standards

For increased performance and protection use Petrocam HYBRITE SAE 40 Engine Oil.

Refer to your vehicle service manual for correct lubricant requirements and service intervals.

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