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Petrocam TRANSGEAR is premium thermally stable gear oil that resist oil degradation, deposit formation and oil thickening to protect both lubricant and components. It is a multi-functional oil used for automotive hypoid gear differentials, heavy-duty, non-synchronised manual transmissions and automotive steering gears operating under high speed and/or low speed, high torque conditions where API GL-5 performance gear oils are required.

Petrocam TRANSGEAR is high-pressure gear oil formulated using quality mineral base oils with an extreme pressure additive system, corrosion inhibitor and friction modifier technology. High performance, sulfur-phosphorus ‘’extreme pressure’ additive system provides excellent load carrying capacity to protect gear equipment against surface distress (i.e., spalling, pitting, scoring and wear) under heavily loaded conditions. The special inhibitor system resists corrosion of copper alloys and ferrous metals.

Petrocam TRANSGEAR gear oils are designed to exceed manufacturers specifications to provide optimal performance across the full RPM spectrum.
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