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As technological advancements in the automotive industry progresses rapidly, gearboxes are evolving into more integral components of a vehicle for optimum performance and drive comfort. Gear oils play an important role in keeping the functions of your transmission and axle/differential components working properly. It is the lubrication your engine needs to deliver the maximum power transfer to your drive-train.

Modern automotive and heavy-duty equipment places severe demands on gear oils. Heavier loads, diverse driving conditions and different terrains result in higher operating temperatures for differentials, transmissions and steering gear units. Over time sludge and hard carbonaceous deposits form which cause oil seal wear, leading to leakage and premature equipment failure.

It’s critical to use a quality gear oil with the correct viscosity to ensure top performance of your equipment because the change interval of gear oils are longer than engine oils. If not changed regularly, the gear oil will break down, allowing friction and grinding of gear components, resulting in unnecessary wear and costly repairs.



A gear oil for manual transmissions in heavy duty commercial or light passenger vehicles.
Formulated with anti-wear additives, detergents and dispersants to prevent friction and lubricate intricate moving parts and control sludge for optimum performance and drive comfort.

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