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PETROCAM ATF VI is an automatic transmission and power steering fluid for use in many automatic transmissions where Dexron® VI is required.
PETROCAM ATF VI has thermal and oxidation stability for improved sludge and varnish control. Very low pour point and low temperature fluidity provides excellent wear protection, transmission component durability and smoother shifting.  Fortified with anti-wear/corrosion additives for extended fluid service life, longer equipment life and improved seal protection.
PETROCAM ATF VI recommended for many transmissions used in General Motors cars, Holden, Isuzu, Opel and Hydramac® transmissions. It is suitable for 2006 and newer vehicles.


• Excellent low temperature protection

• Compatible with wide range of seal materials

• Smooth transmission shift feel performance

• Excellent heat dissipation and foam suppression characteristics

• Outstanding friction durability performance over wide temperature

• Smoother transmission and synchronisation

CAUTION:  Avoid skin contact with used oil. Wear suitable gloves. If skin contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water. Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with used oil. Protect the environment. Do not pollute drains, ground or water with used oil. Dispose of container as per EPA guidelines. Do not use this container for fuel or solvents.

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